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We are Alumni. 

We are Students. 

We are Faculty. 

We are Collaborators. 

We are Marquette. 

ComMUnity Venture Capital is early-stage venture capital that invests in Marquette alumni, faculty, and students to promote a culture of innovation, collaboration, and business creation in the Marquette Community. 

We believe the Marquette Community is a great place for business creation and by paring the ecosystem with ComMUnity Venture Capital, business creation will grow and strive. 

We were built from day one as community-first capital. This means we support the needs of Marquette community innovators and create an ecosystem for their success.  


Our History 

ComMUnity Venture Capital seeks to support Marquette's community of innovators, collaborators, and business creators by providing capital, mentorship, and access to our networks. 

MUKC Fund I, LP (Marquette University Kohler Center) was created over two years ago by members of the  Marquette community who saw the opportunity to support business creation on campus and throughout the Marquette community. Including the Kohler name in the Fund was to acknowledge the Kohler family and the commitment they made to entrepreneurship on campus. 

One might say our capital is untraditional, but we think that's what makes it so special. We were grown from this community and that's who we support.

We are Marquette. We are ComMUnity Venture Capital.





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